Ever considered a ‘Barefoot’ Wedding in the most beautiful location in the world?  Carefree, relaxing and different, bring yourselves and friends to this superb island were you will create personal everlasting memories. 

Ash & Kylie have been involved with Cocos Islands since 1990, and have lived permanently there since 2003.

They have identified fantastic locations for that unique wedding and experience, and can help you with every aspect of your special day...

This includes:

  1. Celebrant

  2. Wedding Planning

  3. Locations

  4. Catering

  5. Marquee / Tables / Glassware etc

  6. Floral Arrangements - Frangipani abounds the island, so you can have this exquisite smelling flower as your bouquet and beautifully fragrant floral arrangements.

  7. Photography

  8. Hairdressing

Cocos Barefoot Weddings

Link to WA Photographer

- Who is happy to travel to your event -

Cocos Islands Adventure Tours - p: (08) 9162 7717 - e: info@cocostourism.com.au

So we can help you start to plan (no obligation) for your special event, Click on the enquiry form link below to bring up an online questionnaire.

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